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KoolBox Rentals provides rental services of easy-to-use, walk-in, restaurant grade, refrigerated trailers to accommodate your event or business needs!

Are you planning a beautiful wedding or family reunion? Business event or a staff appreciation function? Part of a festival or a heritage celebration? Community event or a fundraiser? Perhaps, you are supporting a public event with vendor and food servies? If you have plans, we are here to elevate your experience where you can be The Event and Business Hero!

We also know your business is important to you. We provide services to hotels, restaurants, farms and other businesses during renovations or emergencies or to keep your produce fresh and cool with no downtime and 24/7 support.


Our services are offered in Edmonton, AB and surrounding areas. Arrangements can be made for other areas of Central and Northern Alberta. Send us email or call 780-934-6760  /  780-287-8037


Festivals & Parades

Restaurants & FOOD TRUCKS

Farmer markets 

Food Sales & Deliveries


marketing & logistics agencies

Short & long term care facilities

city services & government support



Sporting Events

Public Events

Community events

hobby Clubs 


Extra Storage

Seasonal storage


Outage coverage

24/7 ON CALL

emergency relief

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We pick up, clean, maintain the trailer. Ready for your next call!

6′ x 12′ Refrigerated Trailer

  • Temperature controlled to -12°C
  • Shelving provided as required
  • 120V AC, 15A Designated Circuit required for power
  • Gas Generator for power supplied as required
  • Barn Doors rear, Man Door on the side
  • Fridge Curtain
  • Aluminum Flooring


6′ x 8′ Refrigerated Trailer

  • Super Compact and fit-anywhere trailer
  • Over 6.5′ interior height, full walk-in!
  • Temperature controlled to -12°C
  • Shelving provided as required
  • 120V AC, 15A Designated Circuit required for power
  • Gas Generator for power supplied as required
  • Fridge Curtain


7’x14′ Refrigerated Trailer

  • Our largest trailer for your big event, festival or business!
  • Over 6 feet interior height, full walk-in!
  • Temperature controlled to -12°C
  • Extra depth shelving.
  • 120V AC, 15A Designated Circuit required for power
  • Gas Generator for power supplied as required


Ask us about special pricing and discounts! 
– Rates listed are for 6’x8′ Trailers. Please see contact us for our large size fleet!
FREE DELIVERY in Edmonton and surrounding area. Special rate will apply for out of city deliveries based on distance.
– Planning event on acreage or no convenient access to 120V Power? No Problem! Quiet Gas Generators are available.
– Damage Deposit is applicable for the duration of the rental.
What kind of electrical power is needed?

Trailers are equipped with refrigeration unit that can be powered from 115V, 15A receptacle.  Please ensure, the wall plug is designated for the trailer only to prevent accidental circuit trip from overload or unintentional disconnection of power. We supply the power cord 25 feet long. All you have to do is plug it in!

Can KooBox Trailer run on generator?

Yes it can. We have generators available to accompany all of our trailers. Please let us know if you need one during reservation. If you would like to use your own generator, please ensure it is at least 5500W rated. 

Any special preparation for trailer arrival?

Ensure to pick out a relatively flat area with clear access to it. Extension cords cannot cross roadways. Upon delivery, our staff will park the trailer in the designated location, show features and easy operation of the trailer, answer any questions and hand over the keys! Easy and done!

What about my produce and trailer security?

Heavy duty hitch locks, wheel locks and cut proof pad locks are provided. In case of generator, we provide chain and locking provisions. 

Can I tow the trailer myself?

Yes. Here is what you need to do to two trailer yourself:

1. Receive copy of our “Customer Tow” rental agreement, review and sign. 

2. Contact your automobile insurance provider with the copy of “Customer Tow” rental agreement and add the commercial trailer to your policy for the duration of the rental.

3. Provide us with the copy of the coverage and you are good to go!

What if there's an issue with trailer operation?

All our equipment is professionally maintained, cleaned and looked after by certified staff and registered HVAC mechanics.. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, you can contact us 24/7 at 780-934-6760 or 780-287-8037.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes. If you change your mind, you can cancel your reservation 72hrs prior to delivery date.Please note, once rental agreement is filled out $25 administration fee is applied. 

Which payment methods are accepted?

We take credit cards and cheques. Payments can be taken in person via portable credit card machine or we send you digital invoice which you can pay securely online. Official receipt provided. 

Do I need to fill out Rental Agreement?

Yes. We send rental agreement to your email which you can fill out in online PDF software. Paperless and Easy! Copy is automatically sent for your records. 

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